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Gull vs. Crab





One way to tell where the shallow areas are while kayaking is to look for the gulls near shore. They float within quick reach of the scurrying crabs below and pluck up the brave or careless. Then a quick flight to the sand to de-leg and consume its prize.

City at Dusk

San Francisco at sunset… I’ll miss it but I’m off to Tanzania for a minute to photograph other sunsets. Be back soon. Posts will continue.

Gull Shakes

Western Gulls like to shake off like dogs after they bathe. This results in some pretty comical and wondrous distorions of an otherwise familiar form. I’ll be photographing this behaviour more but thought I’d share these now.

To Mob a Killing Bird

A Raven mobs an adult Red-tailed Hawk near Ocean Beach. This Redtail seemed to have plenty of experience with aggressive Ravens and it shrugged off the challenges with aplomb. Considering the size and intelligence of Ravens, standing up to them is no small feat.