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Sutro Sam (take two)





BLW is back

Hey folks, BLW is back in action after a brief hiatus. Sometimes life is like that. I was busy learning to surf and falling in love… you know how it goes. Well, now you can expect your dose of birdly goodness every few days on the regular. Starting with a new 10,000 Birds post tomorrow.

Snake for Supper

Catching snakes is a little trickier than catching gophers. Snakes have reach. That dangerous head needs to be dealt with as soon as possible but in the case above, mobbing blackbirds are diverting her attention. This is an adult female Red-tailed Hawk that mated for several seasons with a resident male at Sutro Heights Park. He was over 13 years old when I checked his band number and if he’s still around that would make him over 15. Incredible.

Head for the sea and the Blackbirds eventually give up.

While aloft, she administers a fatal bite to the back of the head and can fly on without the snake writhing and attempting to bite her back.

The Hawk, the Snake, and the Sea

A female Red-tailed Hawk with prey above Sutro Baths in San Francisco.

Gopher Transport

At Sutro Heights, a 13 year old male Redtail finds yet another meal.

Predation Series #7

A Red-tailed Hawk delivers food to its nest in San Francisco.


Predation Series #3

Dinner and a salad. A Red-tailed Hawk with a pocket gopher at Sutro Baths.

Predation Series #1

A female Red-tailed Hawk soars off with an early evening meal at Sutro Baths in San Francisco. This is the first in a daily series of predation related photos interspersed with other blog posts.