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No Bird Finer

A Forster’s Tern in all its glory. So fine. I tell my friends who want to distinguish gulls from terns to look for the birds that look like they were made with an exacto knife.

Long-billed Dowitchers

In flight…

and at rest. Shoreline Park.

This is NOT a Trash Bird

They behave the way they behave because we behave the way we behave. Give me warm water and food close to home and my inclination to migrate fades too. Canada Geese are beautiful.

Redgannet dropped by unexpectedly and proved to me that people met on the internet are funny, knowledgable, generous, and a pleasure to be around. Hmmmmm, I wonder who else is out there on the internets. At any rate, It was a pleasure meeting the international phenom and fellow 10,000 Birds Beat Writer. He was on the scene and witnessed the splendor that is a Canada Goose bathing in morning sunlight.

Looks like fun. I know, I know… anthropomorphosization. But seriously, it looks like fun.

Stay strong CAGO… stay strong.

Golf Owls

Burrowing Owls are adorable. They are also terribly photogenic, which means people often get too close while trying to get a picture. These disturbances can be problematic and it gets even more complicated when the birds take up residence on a busy golf course. Now the photographers are just one of many hazards to avoid.

Standing at the burrow, cooly surveying the landscape… er, golf course.

I can see why people might flush them inadvertently. The park should do its best to help golfers and the general public know which areas to avoid.

I pride myself in being conscientious and careful but that didn’t stop me from being surprised by an owl hiding in plain sight. I stepped away quickly.

Just another day on the fairway.

Crow Stroll

Strutting to get clear of oncoming cars and carrying a little morsel of ground squirrel.

A Tern for the Better

Shoreline Park was quiet and windy and the birds were distant. Until the sun started to turn gold and the Forster’s Terns put on a dazzling aerial display as they hunted for the strange red wormlike creatures lurking in the lake. I’ll keep the text to a minimum and just let you share the experience (just click to see the big versions). It was great fun.


Shoreline Park Owls

I had always heard there were Burrowing Owls at Shoreline Park but only got to see them last week. Leaving the park I saw a bird fly to ground in the distance and it had the feel of a Mourning Dove landing, or a female Kestrel pouncing on a bug. In the fading light the view through the binoculars revealed a vigilant Burrowing Owl.