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Eagle Encounters

North of Seattle you’ll find the fields and trees are lousy with Bald Eagles. They are a real treat in the SF Bay Area because of their relative rarity, but up north… well, they are still a treat, even in their multitude.

For this post in particular – click on any of the images to see a larger, more detailed version.

A Bald Eagle in flight is a thing of fearsome beauty.

At full stretch the wingspan is impressive.

This screaming eagle shares its tree with a number of Mourning Doves.

So I’ve heard all the talk about giant eagle nests but it is pretty cool to see one improbably perched in a tree with a tiny Bald Eagle taking a rest in it.

Cloud Birds

snow geese
Snow Geese on the move near Puget Sound. Click to get a higher res image.

Snow Geese flying in at day’s end.

Blurry Owls

I saw my first Snowy Owls last weekend on Thomle Road north of Seattle. They were on private land and epically far away so my views were limited to nausea-inducing-heat-shimmer-laced glimpses through my spotting scope (as in the VIDEO above)

snowy duo

The Owl on the right.

A slightly closer lumpier view.

blurrry owl
The Owl on the left.

Distant PEFA

A Peregrine Falcon north of Seattle settles in for the duration on a distant tree, only becoming active at the stirrings of distant shorebirds.