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A Simple Tail

Yeah, they are common… and this is a bird on a stick photo… but I sure do love me a Red-tailed Hawk.

Chocolate Bird

At the Berkeley Marina, after a long rain, a special bird arrived. Redtail plumage is wonderfully variable and it is always a treat to see a dark Redtail passing through during migration season.

Resident birds tend to be more glue-footed and less flighty, but migrants are understandably more wary.

I was a long way off, perhaps twice the distance most Redtails are comfortable with, and this RT was clearly more interested in a field devoid of humans. Lesson learned. Don’t assume all birds react in the same way. Pay attention to each individual and act accordingly.

in the sun
I was glad to look back as I was leaving and see the bird had returned to hunting the area. What a glorious hawk.


Farewell to an Old Friend

This bird was deeply important to me. I have dear friends now that I wouldn’t have met without her, and a range of singular experiences and memories that only months spent with a wild bird can offer. She had a good six years and I’m glad she lived her last days in a beautiful California valley and likely died of natural not human causes. Fly on Patch… fly on.

Find out more about her here: KITUNDU.COM/PATCH

New Post at 10,000 Birds

Want to see the other side of this image? Be brave, head on over to 10,000 Birds and check it out.

BLW is back

Hey folks, BLW is back in action after a brief hiatus. Sometimes life is like that. I was busy learning to surf and falling in love… you know how it goes. Well, now you can expect your dose of birdly goodness every few days on the regular. Starting with a new 10,000 Birds post tomorrow.

Brewer’s Backpack

A Red-tailed Hawk sporting a nice look for the summer.

Feeding a Fledgling

Most of the time I’ve seen prey delivered to a fledgling Red-tailed Hawk it’s dropped off and the kid is left to sort it out. This was the first time I’d seen a parent feeding a young bird who had already fledged. It was a sweet moment.