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A Second Chance

A young Red-shouldered Hawk I found below a nest years ago. It had been reared by a very young mother, a second year bird whose molt had stopped during breeding and left her with both juvenal and adult plumage. Her nest building skills were subpar and the nest failed to hold her two chicks, one of whom perished. This pre-fledged bird was checked out at a local rehab facility then returned to a basket in the tree. He fledged 2 weeks later. Now I know that when I hear a Redshoulder screaming right in front of me and I still can’t locate it, I should look down.

Urban Birds Part Two

Close encounters can happen almost anywhere in San Francisco.

As a photographer I’m happy and amazed at how comfortable some birds get in an urban setting. In the countryside it is a simple matter to relocate but the city offers limited green space and the birds learn to figure out what the real threats are.

Alta Plaza Park used to be a great spot to see hunting hawks up close but I think things have changed. It used to have a resident Redtail every year but I haven’t seen one lately.



This image may be a repost but it fits with the theme and is one of my favorites. This is a Red-shouldered Hawk hunting rats in the Presidio.

It isn’t just raptors that reside in the city. Great Blue Herons are another “bird of prey” that make a living here too. (CLICK HERE) More tomorrow…

Redshoulder on the Hunt

Here is a lovely molty Shoulder with prey in Bolinas, not far from my house. I happened upon this hunt on my drive home and it affirms my notion that any hawk on a pole can be worth stopping for.

It left the roadside perch and headed to a distant row of pines.

Spotted a Gopher and dove straight down onto it.

Fled along the fence line to find a quiet place to feast.

Double checked for nearby threats before digging in. A raven landed on a nearby branch and the hawk took its meal to go (see the very first pic).

City Bird

A Red-shouldered Hawk relocates to a ledge under an overpass after hunting for rats from the hydrant. Yet another reason to love San Francisco.

Pigeon Dinner

Red-shouldered Hawks at the Palace of Fine Arts got accustomed to catching pigeons for a living.

Redshoulder with a Pigeon

A Red-shouldered Hawk with a Pigeon at the Palace of Fine Arts.

Bird Hunter

Caught by the leg and the wing, a Pigeon goes for a ride courtesy a Red-shouldered Hawk. The mobbing Crow caused the hawk to drop its prey and the Pigeon swam to shore and survived.