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Predation Series #11

An Osprey takes flight at Bolinas Lagoon.

Predation Series #10

Firmly grasping a gopher, this young Red-tailed Hawk departs with its prize. (click the image to see this one bigger)

Predation Series #9

This Great Blue Heron looks nonchalant as it swings a gopher into position to swallow it head first.

Predation Series #8

A Great Blue Heron dips a large gopher into the water to help it go down a bit easier.




Predation Series #7

A Red-tailed Hawk delivers food to its nest in San Francisco.


Predation Series #6

Dinner for a large Redtail in Alta Plaza Park in San Francisco.

Predation Series #4

A Great Egret subdues a Three-spined Stickleback at the edge of Lloyd Lake in Golden Gate Park.