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Bird on a Wire

A departing adult Redtail near Holister, CA.

Focusing on this guy made me miss the high point of an epic Redtail vs. Golden Eagle encounter… but… hey, it’s a Western Bluebird. He was doing an imitation of MC Hammer’s typewriter dance down the wire… worth it.

A lady Kestrel flares off the line.

Occasionally you’ll see a Redtail on a wire but they tend to prefer a sturdier perch where they can hone their skills at impersonating insulators.

Chocolate Ferruginous Hawk

This guy is a regular in Panoche Valley but seeing him is hit or miss. One of the prettiest birds in California.

This is the area in the valley that I call “Merlin Alley” but it was devoid of little dark falcons on this day. It made up for it with the dark morph buteo.

This is where I found him. I was glad he stayed put after I stopped since almost every other bird had been skittish that day.

A glimpse of the rare Ferruginous Bear.

Eventually he spotted something in the distance and made his move.

A glorious sight that I hope we can continue to see for years to come, a Ferruginous Hawk over Panoche Valley.

A Four Prairie Day – Give Thanks

I wish Prairie Falcons weren’t so skittish, but maybe the rarity of close encounters is what makes them so special. So to see 4 of them on my recent trip out to Panoche Valley was unexpected.

Such amazing birds. Ability to write decent caption… compromised…

A storm of blackbirds results from a Prairie swooping in and landing on the power pole below.

Check out those dark axillaries… a nice field mark for a Prairie Falcon that you can easily see from a distance.

Definitive proof that falcons can keep a close eye on you even when they are flying away.

Shrike in the Valley

A Loggerhead Shrike on the hunt in Panoche Valley.

Meadowlark in the Valley

A lovely Western Meadowlark in Panoche Valley. They have an incredible song and seem capable of throwing their voice. One of my favorite birds.

Lark in the Valley

A beautiful Lark Sparrow in Panoche Valley.