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Brewer’s Backpack

A Red-tailed Hawk sporting a nice look for the summer.

Vilified Cutie Pie

Brown-headed Cowbird at Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA.

Strange Beauty

This Red-tailed Hawk is a great example of their variability. It had such warm and mixed up plumage and a heavily banded, short-ish tail, made even better by the setting sunlight. Photographed along the Great Highway, Ocean Beach, SF.

Too bad the curtains are drawn… this would be a great view (aside from the guy on the hill with the camera).


Sanderlings on the run at Ocean Beach. Below, a loner forages along the wrack line.

Raven Intimidation

This Redtail may be curious, but he certainly isn’t bothered by a Raven trying to use circus tricks to intimidate.

A Seaside Meal

One of my favorite places to go when I need a raptor fix is along Great Highway near Ocean Beach. This is as reliable a spot as you’ll find in San Francsico for finding a perched bird of prey. If you are patient, or lucky enough to find one actively hunting, you might get a chance to see how it makes a living.

Posture means a lot when it comes to determining raptorial intent. If you see a bird preening, sitting straight up, one leg folded into its feathers, there is a good chance you will be waiting awhile. This Redtail was alert, head up, leaning forward, looking around frequently, and moving its feet. These were all very good signs it was on the hunt.


To Mob a Killing Bird

A Raven mobs an adult Red-tailed Hawk near Ocean Beach. This Redtail seemed to have plenty of experience with aggressive Ravens and it shrugged off the challenges with aplomb. Considering the size and intelligence of Ravens, standing up to them is no small feat.