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Ndutu Moments

Lake Ndutu can be a mesmerizing place during the great migration. Rains compel Wildebeest and Zebra toward a darkened horizon and eventually to the fields where they will give birth to the next generation. Above, a small portion of the throng circumnavigates the lake.

In the trees overlooking the lake and Augur Buzzard stands sentry.

Greater Flamingos quarrel with one another while feeding in the shallows.

A Black-headed Heron takes wing ahead of the advancing herd.

A Blacksmith Plover forages near the lake edge.

A lone Hooded Vulture with the decaying head of a Wildebeest.

A Northern White-crowned Shrike keeps a keen eye on the surrounding grasslands.

Moving right along, a snail takes its time outside of the Ndutu Wildlife Lodge.

The view from the cottages often includes hares, impala, Black-shouldered Kites, and Dik Dik.

It is a vibrant and lush place after the rains, and life seizes every opportunity to thrive.

Fischer’s Lovebirds at Ndutu

Fischer’s Lovebirds are surprisingly hard to see sometimes. It’s amazing, considering their technicolor plumage, that they can disappear into the treetops. On the other hand it is remarkably easy to know they are around because they never seem to stop chattering. These birds were digiscoped near Lake Ndutu, southeast of the Serengeti.

They chatter because they are highly social creatures. When they do emerge seeing them isn’t a problem but tearing yourself away is. They are pretty captivating.

This group was foraging together near what appeared to be nest cavities.

This sleepy fellow makes an appearance in the video below. He was falling asleep in the sun in between sessions of frenetic preening. One of the nice things about the video is the soundscape at Ndutu – there are birds everywhere.

Video digiscoped with a Canon Powershot Elph 100 and a Swarovski ATM 65.

Lovebird in an action stance.