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Serengeti Sunset Studies

All these images are from a single sunset in the Western Serengeti.



Serengeti Sunset
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horizon and up


In Memoriam – the late Tennessee Beach Arch

It collapsed a few days ago after watching over the beach for hundreds(?) of years.

Check out THIS page for more information and a great series of photos of the collapse.

Point Reyes Moments

Wandering around Point Reyes with friends we found this adult Cooper’s Hawk watching the bird strewn hillside below. As high strung as they are (the Coops, not my friends) this one sat at the crest of this tree for 20 minutes… Normally we would have engaged in an epic sit-off but my role as host meant not subjecting my guests to the thrilling motionlessness of an epic sit-off. We moved on.

The Elk are always impressive and when the day gives way to evening, the changing light renders them even more so.

Near Laird’s Landing on Tomales Bay, a Common Loon called out. The sound carried over the water, echoed off rocks and returned, stretching the melancholic power of the call until it was washed over by the sound of Scoter wings thrumming in the distance. It brought me back to my Minnesota roots and a 2nd year Bald Eagle flying past only compounded the feeling.

Reflections turned the rising tide into a pool of liquid gold near the shore.

A Western Gull returns to earth in a land full of Turkey Vultures and bobcats, coyotes, foxes and raccoons.

The sun, having transformed the lagoon into a golden wonder, seemed to fall into the sea after the effort.

Dusk in Bolinas

I often arrive home around sunset and encounter a different lagoon each night.

Albuquerque Sunset

Albuquerque as seen from Sandia Peak last week. A storm rolled in and we were treated to a superb sunset capped off by a lightning storm.

Storm clouds drift past the mountains and release a torrent of rain.

The sunset crept below the clouds to immerse the mountains.

A closeup of the sun as it settles in behind the horizon.

To the east, darkness reigned, punctuated by bolts of lightning that set off local wildfires, many extinguished by the following rain.

Commuting Landscapes

It depends on the route I take… but this is one road to my new home.

From the ridge you can see Bolinas… somewhere, under all that fog.

In the other direction… San Francisco lies under a similar blanket, its hills altering the fogscape.