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Late Afternoon in Point Reyes

No better way to spend an afternoon than meandering through Point Reyes National Seashore. I felt a sense of urgency on this day as the light was already golden when I left the house. This Red-shouldered Hawk still managed to stop me in my tracks well before I’d even arrived at Point Reyes.

A female American Kestrel hover hunting the hillside looking for small rodents and insects.

Got one! She caught at least 5 insects in the 5 minutes I spent watching her.

I walked into this barn to photograph the view of the ocean framed in the window and two Northern Flickers flitted around in the rafters, eventually heading out through these very windows.

I found one of them waiting in the sunlight on the ridge of the roof.

In the distance, a Red-tailed Hawk hunts above the rolling hills. The raking light making any movement below highly visible. Even small gophers cast long shadows in conditions like this.

Aspirational grass. It has a great view from its island.

A stooping male Kestrel sent these Starlings skyward before it settled onto that pole on the right. They swirled around him a few times before returning to their comunal roost. A nice way to start the evening.

Bolinas Moments

This was the face that greeted me when I looked out the living room window yesterday morning. It was one of three fawns wandering around the yard.

Goldfinches have started visiting regularly and are delightful to watch.

Purple Finches were the first birds to arrive.

Pygmy Nuthatches always take their food to go.

Starlings are tireless when it comes to feeding their chicks.

This Bewick’s Wren played cat and mouse with me near my front doorstep.

Doves seem to love the heat rising off the deck and are often found sunning themselves.