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Brewer’s Backpack

A Red-tailed Hawk sporting a nice look for the summer.

Birds on a Wire

When I think of birds perched on a wire, California Quail isn’t the first thing that comes to mind but this guy seemed quite comfortable.

This Brewer’s Blackbird is waiting for the coast to be clear before heading toward some nearby fledglings.

Speaking of baby blackbirds, this bird ain’t on a wire but it sure is cute. Check out the little downy mohawk.

Out Struttin’

Bird Light Wind is out and about. See you all in a few days.

Blackbird Vultures

Does this cute songbird have a dark secret?

As it turns out… yes. I can’t be sure that they didn’t take down this cow and strip it in minutes leaving only this leg joint for the stragglers.

Compare this photo of them bickering over a carcass with the one from the Serengeti below.

The similarities are eery.

I don’t think I’l be taking naps near a Blackbird flock anytime soon. You’ve been warned.

Hot Pursuit

Brewer’s Blackbirds can be very aggressive when a predator is in their midst.

Here the Redtail was hunting a bit too close to a nesting colony of blackbirds and they escorted it out of the area.

They often have good reason to be cautious around Red-tailed Hawks.