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Farewell to an Old Friend

This bird was deeply important to me. I have dear friends now that I wouldn’t have met without her, and a range of singular experiences and memories that only months spent with a wild bird can offer. She had a good six years and I’m glad she lived her last days in a beautiful California valley and likely died of natural not human causes. Fly on Patch… fly on.

Find out more about her here: KITUNDU.COM/PATCH

Redtails are the Best

Sorry for the lull in my posting. Life is like that sometimes. BLW will be back up to speed soon… but the break is a good thing for now. Please feel free to root around and check out past posts, or pay a visit to the talented folks in the list on the right.

P.S. this is the 300th BIRD LIGHT WIND post in the last 14 months.

Redtail Contours

Sunning on the Cross

A young Red-tailed Hawk suns her wings on a favorite perch, the cross of a church overlooking the gopher-strewn terraces of Alta Plaza Park.

Hot Pursuit

Brewer’s Blackbirds can be very aggressive when a predator is in their midst.

Here the Redtail was hunting a bit too close to a nesting colony of blackbirds and they escorted it out of the area.

They often have good reason to be cautious around Red-tailed Hawks.

Scare Tactics

A Western Scrub Jay looms large but the young Redtail is unimpressed.

Celebrating the return of the internet to my home in the woods.

Gopher Hunting Takes Persistence

Predation Series #10

Firmly grasping a gopher, this young Red-tailed Hawk departs with its prize. (click the image to see this one bigger)

Predation Series #6

Dinner for a large Redtail in Alta Plaza Park in San Francisco.