Monitor at Rest

Basking at Meserani Snake Park.

Dust Bath

dust bath
A Guineafowl dusts off at Meserani Snake Park.

Oxpecker Opportunist

Nature is gross… (and super interesting). This Red-billed Oxpecker, who also loves ear wax and keeping scabs from fully forming so it can feast on blood and tissue, seems particularly attuned to the digestive timing of giraffes. It flew down from the beast’s neck within seconds of this process starting so it could have its pick of the ticks that inhabit this usually inaccessible region. Yup, gross… and interesting.

Bird Light Wind… keeping it real since 2008.

Vulture Studies



White-backed Vulture photographed at Meserani Snake Park, Arusha, Tanzania.

Barn Owl Studies


Photographed at Meserani Snake Park, Arusha, Tanzania.

Snakes Under Glass

The dreaded and deadly Black Mamba, so called for the black lining of its mouth.

Green Mamba.

Tree Snake doing what tree snakes do.

Taken safely at Meserani Snake Park outside Arusha, Tanzania.


Bird Light Wind is roaming around Tanzania again. More posts to follow… stay tuned.