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BIRD KNOWLEDGE is now available internationally

My new e-book Bird Knowledge: Little Life Lessons Learned From Birds, is now AVAILABLE from iTunes internationally. Just click on the image below to go to the iTunes store and get your digital copy for $14.99.


BIRD KNOWLEDGE is now available!

My new e-book Bird Knowledge: Little Life Lessons Learned From Birds, is now AVAILABLE from iTunes for a mere $14.99. Eighty pages of birdly wisdom and contributions from birding luminaries like Keith Hansen, Sharon Stitler (Birdchick), Peter Pyle and more!

Get your copy at the iTunes Store.

Bird Knowledge Cover

This is a heartfelt endeavor showcasing some of the more poignant moments from my bird encounters. I truly hope you enjoy it! Check out some sample pages below…





I learned that iTunes sells gift cards which makes Bird Knowledge a great digital stocking stuffer too.

There are also a few video clips in the book too. The image below is just a sample. You have to get the book to see the little owl do his thing. Thank you everyone!


Serengeti Sunset Studies

All these images are from a single sunset in the Western Serengeti.



Serengeti Sunset
Click to view this image full size.

horizon and up



Secretary Bird

secretary bird

Distant Hills

Distant storm.

Masked Lovebirds

Fluttering down to the bird bath at the entrance to Tarangire National Park.

West of here you only find Fischer’s Lovebirds so these were a lovely find.

Beautiful and quite noisy, as lovebirds usually are.

Monitor at Rest

Basking at Meserani Snake Park.

Dust Bath

dust bath
A Guineafowl dusts off at Meserani Snake Park.

Oxpecker Opportunist

Nature is gross… (and super interesting). This Red-billed Oxpecker, who also loves ear wax and keeping scabs from fully forming so it can feast on blood and tissue, seems particularly attuned to the digestive timing of giraffes. It flew down from the beast’s neck within seconds of this process starting so it could have its pick of the ticks that inhabit this usually inaccessible region. Yup, gross… and interesting.

Bird Light Wind… keeping it real since 2008.

Vulture Studies



White-backed Vulture photographed at Meserani Snake Park, Arusha, Tanzania.

Barn Owl Studies


Photographed at Meserani Snake Park, Arusha, Tanzania.

Snakes Under Glass

The dreaded and deadly Black Mamba, so called for the black lining of its mouth.

Green Mamba.

Tree Snake doing what tree snakes do.

Taken safely at Meserani Snake Park outside Arusha, Tanzania.


Bird Light Wind is roaming around Tanzania again. More posts to follow… stay tuned.

Herpetology in Olema Valley

racer profile
A friend invited me out to check out Olema Valley with an ecologist familiar with the snakes, lizards, and amphibians of the area. Cool!

Here is a little VIDEO I made with the Vine app to give you a feeling for the day.

hand on snakes
Lifting the plywood early enough in the day before the snakes have warmed up too much means they are easier to handle. It goes without saying that this activity is best left to the experts.

A trio of Racers in hand.

Really beautiful creatures.

racer photo
Worthy of a photo or three.

patrick explains
The ecologist answers our many questions.

snake fist
He deftly handles the snakes with just the right amount of pressure.

racer full length
This gives a better sense of the length of these Racers.

The snakes began to warm up from the heat of our hands and became more and more active.

ring-necked baby
We also spotted a baby Ring-necked Snake.

And a few California Garter Snakes.


returning home
We were careful to return each snake to its favored dark, slowly warming environment under the boards.


Run for it!


A Simple Tail

Yeah, they are common… and this is a bird on a stick photo… but I sure do love me a Red-tailed Hawk.


Northern Mocking bird completely ignoring me.


songA Song Sparrow working practices scales for the approaching breeding season.

On the Move

A male Kestrel on the hunt in Point Reyes.

Storm Brewing

Reflected waves meet incoming waves and produce lovely and powerful eruptions.

In the distance the waves rise higher and break with amazing ferocity.

Long Tongue Syndrome

tongueActually this Red-shouldered Hawk is just finishing up a fat, tasty, earthworm.

Raving Raven

Point Reyes.

Gull vs. Crab





One way to tell where the shallow areas are while kayaking is to look for the gulls near shore. They float within quick reach of the scurrying crabs below and pluck up the brave or careless. Then a quick flight to the sand to de-leg and consume its prize.