Paddling Bolinas Lagoon

I took to the lagoon for a maiden voyage in my solo canoe last Saturday. It was wonderful. Glass calm water and a four foot tide meant I could explore far and wide. And as I suspected… I was being followed. A few seals broke off from the pack and quietly shadowed me for most of the next hour.

An Osprey hurtles into the shallows while beach-goers wander in the distance.

Rising to try its luck again.

I heard a familiar and adrenaline inducing scream and looked up into the sky to find it bird free. When I glanced onshore I saw a vocal young Peregrine Falcon next to a large adult female.

It took off and powered away after a flock of shorebirds near Highway one. I was camped in my canoe fixated on the adult as the current slowly drifted me along.

She seemed comfortable, preening often and calmly looking in the direction of her departed fledgling.

She gave a stretch and took off, flying a wide arc over the marsh before climbing and setting off toward the same flock of shorebirds. It was a wonderful and unexpected encounter on a grey, still, and lovely day. I can’t wait to get out there again.

One response

  1. John

    Good shooting from the canoe! A guy took me out there in a canoe-like boat once, but it was a bit too dark to get sharp photos. Really cool that there’s peregrines out there. I recognize that snag but have seen only vultures resting there.

    July 25, 2011 at 12:45 pm

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